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set in the future

He stood there for a very long time, it felt like, the box growing heavier in his hands and his heart seeming to match it. He had weighed this in his heart a million times, remembered his own life, and he kept coming back to this was the right choice to make.

If he didn't approve, she'd just go do it without his knowing, without his guidance, he reminded himself. She was too much his child not to, a girl brought up knowing that personal freedom was a treasure to be cherished and protected.

He sighed softly, made himself open the door and go in. Typical of Lian, she didn't come running, one more sign she was so close to grown these days. It gave him time to lay out the quiver, the bow, the armored tights, the tunic with its armor reinforcement. A cape was dropped to one side, and a cloak to the other, to give her a choice, and then the mask, more of a full one than he'd ever worn, but matching the red and the yellow in the new costume.

It was her choice, and he'd pay horribly if he tried to block it, he told himself one more time. "Lian." His voice remained steady, and his teenaged daughter came in, eyes flicking from him to the couch with its offering. Her face was all the confirmation he needed; if he had waited one more day, she would have been looking at other avenues. "Happy birthday, etai yazi," he told her, and was rewarded with the first hug in weeks from his so-grown daughter.

Muse: Roy Harper
Fandom: DC Comics
Word Count: 269
Disclaimer: All characters referenced herein belong to DC comics and are solely intended for entertainment, not profit in this context
Note: No characters referenced are intended to reflect past or current RP muses


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