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1. Write a memorial for someone you love or hate.

They told me he was dead, but I didn't see a body. So I'll probably only believe it until his creepy self shows back up, or I die first.

Sad, how that works. I've grieved for so many people in the past, letting go of their spirits so they don't linger, only to have them come back whole and in the flesh. Not sure really how to cope with it, sometimes.

But I was talking about the Bat. You know, mister creepy who likes to take sidekicks and screw their heads over so bad they turn into mini clones?

Hell of a legacy to leave behind you.

Still, he had his moments. He was there for me to get my baby girl back, and he looked priceless at being called 'Uncle Batman'. He even worked with me to try and pull Dick out of his depression.

Not really thinking about how that let me get totally screwed over by Deathstroke.

Anyway, creepy SOB...walk in peace now...

2. Lazy Day

I've finally gotten all of Kendra's stuff out of my apartment, and I'm staring at the gear on the table. I ought to just deep six it. Hell, the purple costume would be better than continuing to run around like the man who was pretending he was worth being on the League.

I can't deal with it, though. I keep seeing her face, both the day they made me a member, and the day I threw it back at her.

Spirits, but I keep screwing up with the one person besides Lian who really doesn't set out to hurt me.

I'm saved from those thoughts by Lian coming in, dragging a teddy bear that has seen better days, a blanket, and rubbing at her eye with the back of the hand holding the blanket.

I melt, of course. She's too damn adorable not to.

"Etai yazi?"

"Sleepy, Daddy. But you promised waffles."

I scoop her up, bringing her in tight to my chest, not even minding when she purposefully shifts to put her ear right over the surgery scar, so she can hear my heart better.

"Why don't we go back to bed, and we'll still have waffles when we get back up, okay?"

"Good idea, Daddy."

I have to agree. Spending half the day in bed with my baby girl, and homemade waffles is the best way to cope with my first day free of the mess I had made.

3. Just One More Day...

Roy slipped the band around his arm, tightening a fist until he could see the vein clearly. He looked at his friend, who needed and handed over the needle.

"Make you feel better than pot can, makes all the pain go away," the other boy promised him.

"Good." The vein sliding in hardly hurt, the sting of the band being popped free was hardly noticed.

If this stuff did what it was supposed to, Roy would have his peace, that one more day with the friends that had mattered. He could drift in the arms of the heroin dreams, and let his memories comfort him from the loneliness.

That was all that mattered to him. Just one more day, even if it was only in the haze of a drug.

4. Daddy Issues

Which Daddy, I guess I should ask on this one.

Park ranger? I can't remember him. Not even after meeting Guardian, who is my great uncle because of Roy William Harper Senior. The closest I get is my dreams...nightmares of smoke and ash, watching the glow, and knowing I shouldn't be alone.

Or maybe Brave Bow. Brave Bow tried. Not his fault the People are matrilineal. I never realized I had no status, and he thought he'd have me tucked away safe before I knew it. Too bad for him I got my balls in early, noticed a girl...and got the crap kicked out of me for doing it.

But then there's the one that takes the cake. Oliver Queen, my erstwhile guardian who never needed to adopt me fully, because the asshole had a kid out there already that he didn't want to cope with. Treated me like his ace-best-buddy, until he made friends with another guy in the pajama club and went off leaving me alone. I was barely sixteen, and still really didn't get the hang of a normal white-boy's world. Real smooth move, Ollie.

So yeah...issues, I have them.

Muse: Roy Harper
Fandom: DC Comics
Word Counts: 1. (166) 2. (241) 3. (130) 4. (193)
Disclaimer: All characters referenced herein belong to DC comics and are solely intended for entertainment, not profit in this context
Note: No characters referenced are intended to reflect past or current RP muses


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