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Roy looked at the costumes in the box, sighed, and threw the latest one in on top of them.

'Speedy' was dead and gone, a sobriquet he'd held onto far too long.

'Arsenal' had served him well, but...there's a part of him that wants to bury it, along with the time spent on the Outsiders.

He'd been blinded by the new harmony of his 'family' and loved that Ollie was showing him so much attention with the costume so like the senior archer's that 'Red Arrow' had been the only choice.

Right now, he was intent on being Roy Harper. Maybe down the road, one of those other names, or a new one, would fit. His adopted people knew all about outgrowing names, after all.

"Lian, honey? Ready to go?" he called, as he made one last sweep of the now empty house. Cyborg'd get his official 'retirement' in an email in about an hour, and he wanted to be on the road by then. Consciously, he turned off the communicator and dropped it in an open box as Lian joined him.

Good bye to New York, to Titans, and on to the future.

Muse: Roy Harper
Fandom: DC Comics
Word Count: 194
Disclaimer: All characters referenced herein belong to DC comics and are solely intended for entertainment, not profit in this context
Note: No characters referenced are intended to reflect past or current RP muses

OOC: In view of current rumors floating around, Roy will be dropping from an active muse to a lurker here, because I'm not up enough on canon to really handle him appropriately.
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