Aug. 9th, 2009

lost_arrow: Dinah comforting Roy in the original drug story (Dinah and Roy Addiction)
The strongest woman I knew/know...

There's this little thing about being a hero. You meet people who are all over the board on the whole strength thing. Feet of clay to iron spines.

Turns out the woman I looked up to the most in life was one of the clay-foots. That all came out last year, how she and her League royally screwed up, setting us all up for a really big dose of hell.

Doesn't change that I look up to her. Maybe more, now. Because it all came out, and she worked her butt off trying to fix things. She was there at that last fight. She went away, made herself even stronger, and she came back to build the League. A good one, I thought.

She taught me to fight. I say that, and I mean it. For all I've screwed up again, I can treasure one thing right there with the first time I kissed Wonder-Chick, the first time I held Lian, and the first time Robbie gave me a chance.

That's the look on Canary's face when I made it to the big time, on her team.

Muse: Roy Harper
Fandom: DC Comics
Word Count: 187
Disclaimer: All characters referenced herein belong to DC comics and are solely intended for entertainment, not profit in this context
Note: No characters referenced are intended to reflect past or current RP muses


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